Corey's Alpaca Poop

3- Pack 

“Ready to Brew

Tea Bags”





3-PK of " Ready to Brew Tea Bags "

Why Use Alpaca Poop?

 It is lower in organic matter content than the manure from most other barnyard livestock (cows, horses, goats and sheep) creating a higher concentration of nutrients as well as improves soil texture and water-holding capacity. This lower organic content allows alpaca manure to be spread directly onto plants without burning them. It is the decomposition of organic matter content of the manure that indicates the alpaca's efficient digestion system. The nitrogen and potassium content of alpaca manure is comparatively high, an indication of good fertilizer value.

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Alpaca Poop Helps Promote Grass Growth ...

Greener pastures are noticeable! We redone our pastures in the fall and planted grass seed. Where the alpacas placed their whole beans the grass is coming in much faster and healthier looking.